How do I receive college credit for my OM internship?

  • Your college/university gives the academic credit for your internship.  OM provides the experience, supervision, and completion of any forms required by your school in order for you to receive credit for your college program.  You will need to provide us with a document explaining what your school requires from our on-field supervisors, what you need to do/experience during your time with OM that will meet your internship requirements, etc.  Before you are accepted to a particular OM Team for your internship, the leaders of the OM Team will confirm whether they can provide what you need in order to complete your internship requirements.

How do I find an internship that matches my major and interests?

  • We have listed possible internships according to types of internship or skills.  Some types of internship have multiple sub-types. For example, under Communications you will find listings for journalism, photography, videography, graphic design and social media.

What if I can’t find a good match for my particular skills or internship requirements?

  • Please first take a good look to see if any of the posted options fit.  It might be that you are an intercultural studies major, but you also have an interest and experience in sports.  So look under both Intercultural studies options and sports options (or other areas of interest and experience) before you give up on the posted option. If you just can’t find a fit, there is an option to find you a customized internship. To find out about custom internships check out our Custom Internship FAQs.

Are the dates set, or is there flexibility in the starting/ending dates and length of internship?

  • Most teams are flexible on the actual starting dates, length of commitment and ending dates. When there are date limitations these are noted. On the application you will have the opportunity to give the dates you prefer to serve and length of commitment. Most trips are 1-6 months in length and can be any time of year. Costs will be adjusted to your actual dates.

Do you have any paid internships?

  • All international internships require you, the intern, to be responsible for paying or raising support through OM USA to cover the costs. A tax-deductible receipt would be issued for any donations received by OM towards covering the cost of your internship. We offer paid internships at the USA headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia that come with a small stipend and free accommodation.

What are the costs of the internship?

  • The costs of internships vary depending on the cost of living in the country you would be serving in and the length of your commitment. An average internship cost for most of our fields is approximately $1,000 per month – some more and some less than that. In addition to that estimated cost would be your airfare, visas, immunizations and emergency medical insurance. Actual costs will be adjusted to flight dates and currency exchange rates near the time you leave for the field.

What is covered in the cost of the internship?

  • The prices include your living/ministry costs (food, accommodation, local travel, phone/internet costs, administrative fee, etc.) for the number of weeks you have indicated, according to current exchange rates.  Actual costs will be re-figured based on your actual travel dates and exchange rates when you leave for the field.

What is not covered in the listed cost?

  • The costs you will need to cover in addition to the listed cost is your travel/airfare to and from the country you will be serving in, the cost of any required visas and any required/recommended immunizations you get for your trip. You will also be given a link to order your own emergency medical insurance and send us proof of your coverage.  However, you may raise additional funds through OM USA to cover these costs.  These additional funds can be used to reimburse you for your flights, visa and immunization costs when you submit receipts for them.

How do I raise funds for my Internship?

  • Most people fund their trip through their networks of family, friends and churches. Once your application is approved we’ll supply you with the tools you need to present your trip to these people, asking them to pray about helping to send you.

When are funds due for my internship?

  • The amount listed for your on-field costs must be in our office 40 days prior to your departure to allow time to transfer funds through our internal systems. Funds to be used to reimburse airfares, visas and immunizations can arrive later, and even arrive during your trip, but reimbursements can only be given when funds to cover the amounts are in your OM account. Your on-field costs must be covered before funds can be used for reimbursement. Reimbursements can wait to be made to you when you return from your trip if needed.  Reimbursements are by check made out to you or direct deposit into your bank account.

How long does the application process take?  When are application deadlines?

  • The length of the application process depends on several factors, including how quickly you respond to requests for information, how quickly your references are received, and how quickly the field you are applying to takes to confirm their acceptance. In order to allow enough time for you to be approved and have time to raise funds for your trip, we have a deadline of receiving your application no later than 120 days before the start of your trip.  This means if you want to leave June 1, you need to apply by Feb. 1. The more time you allow, the more likely the internship you want will be available, and the more time you will have to raise funds. EXCEPTION: If you already have the funds to cover your internship and don't need time to raise funds, your application can be received closer to the date you want to start.

What if my chosen internship is no longer available?

  • Since our teams have limited capacity to host interns, it might be that your first choice is filled before you complete your application. That is why we will ask you for your top 3 choices. We will communicate with you if your choices are no longer available and try to find you an alternative internship.

Is training available?

  • When you have completed the application process, we connect your with our training coaches who will work with you before you go to prepare you, in general, for your trip. This program is a great opportunity to participate in a virtual community with fellow OM interns, and to receive training in some of the fundamental aspects of missions from an OM staff coach.  It is our desire that you would feel cared for and equipped both before departure and throughout your OM internship, and that this training time will be a valuable opportunity for both field preparation and spiritual growth. The team you join often supplies information you need to know, too, which will help you prepare, plan and pack for your trip. The real cultural and job-appropriate training starts right alongside the long-term missionaries when you arrive!

What requirements are there to apply for an Internship?

  • OM is comprised of people from many national, ethnic and denominational backgrounds. We are looking for faithful, not perfect, followers of Jesus who desire to join with others in reaching the unreached around the world.
    Those wanting to do an Internship in OM should:

    • Be a follower of Jesus for at least 1 year

    • Have a growing relationship with Jesus

    • Be actively involved in a local church

    • Agree with OM’s Doctrinal Statement

    • Be at least 18 years old, or turning 18 within 6 months of completing the application

    • Be living in freedom from alcohol and/or drug addiction for at least 1 year and free from tobacco use for at least 6 months.

How do I apply for an internship?

  1. Search through the internship listings according to your major, skills, and experience.

  2. Fill out the online application form. Documents you will need to have on hand to upload: resume, document listing your school’s requirements for your internship, and copy of the photo/info page of your passport.

  3. Submit the completed application.  You will receive confirmation and further instructions by email.

What if I have trouble with the application or have questions that are not answered here?

  • Contact Kathy Hicks using our Contact form below to submit your inquiry.

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