Evangelism through Construction in Moldova

Job Overview:

Considered the poorest country in Europe, there are still hundreds of villages in the Republic of Moldova that need to hear the Gospel. Be a part of serving local village communities with construction projects while changing lives, loving people, and giving hope through partnering with a local church.

Responsibilities and Duties:

A general overview of a construction team outreach:

  • In the morning eat breakfast with your host family or with the team

  • Then meet with your team and have a devotional time and discuss the plan for the day

  • You will probably build a playground, but it could also be other practical work

  • You will use the mornings to work on the construction project

  • If it is a playground you would paint, dig holes, and put the pre-assembled parts together.

  • After lunch you will probably work more on the construction project or visit people or do a kid’s program

  • If the local church with whom you are working has a church service or a youth meeting in the evening, then you will be expected to be there and the team will probably be expected to do a small program

  • It’s possible that in the second outreach location of each two-week outreach you won’t do construction work, but will do kids programs or visit poor families etc.

  • Days between official outreach dates you would have time to rest, do other ministry and sight-seeing

  • The teams are short term participants from a variety of nations who come for one or more scheduled outreaches at a time.

  • Long-term OM Moldova missionaries would lead the teams.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • A willingness to learn and adapt

  • Willingness to grow and be challenged

  • A passion for missions, a heart for people, and an adventurous nature

  • Temperatures can go up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and beyond

  • You must be able to carry your own luggage

Additional Info:

  • All interns must formally accept and abide by OM USA’s Statement of Faith for the duration of the internship.

  • International internships are not paid positions and all financial needs should be covered with personal support.

  • Home-stay with a national is dependent on circumstances.

  • Pre-Field training happens through on-line materials and Skype sessions with coaches and other interns for a few weeks leading up departure date. Includes debriefing with coaches on return.

  • Dates and duration of internships are flexible, should be worked out with the team.

Qualifications of on-field supervisor:

  • Long-term Missionary


  • Degree Credit available upon the approval of your university/college supervisors.