If I just want information about the Custom Internships, do I need to fill out the Internship Request form?

  • Yes. It helps us understand who you are and what your needs are + there is a specific section for you to share any questions you might have for us. Submitting a form DOES NOT commit you to doing a custom internship. You would officially apply later if we find a good fit for you.

Do I have to be a college student to do a Custom Internship?

  • Yes or a recent graduate. Custom Internships are only for college students or recent graduates seeking an overseas experience.

    If you’re not in college but would like to gain overseas experience check out our main OM website for a Short Term Missions trip that will fit you!

Does my Custom Trip have to be for college credit?

  • No, as a college student, you can do a Custom Trip simply for the experience of being in cross-cultural ministry with long-term missionaries. You do not have to meet any college requirements. Whether or not you receive credit for your time overseas is at the discretion of your university or college.

How long do Custom Trips usually last?

  • Most trips are between 1-6 months and can happen at any time of year.

Will I go with a group?

  • You will be sent as an individual to work with our long-term workers. While you will be working with a team, you will not go with the typical group like the average short-term trip. Also, because OM teams are international, with people from over 100 nations, there might be other individual interns from the US or other countries on your field at the same time. English is normally the team language.

Can you send me a list of your internship options?

  • Please check our DEGREE TRACKS to see the list of internships already set up and ready to receive applicants. If none of these fit with your degree of study, then we work with you to discover what you are looking for, what experiences and skills you have, which locations you prefer, and any school requirements you may need to fulfill. We then network with all of our OM teams to find the best possible location and ministry for you!

Is training available?

  • When you have completed the application process, we provide you with materials and coaching that prepare you, in general, for your trip. The team you join often supplies information you need to know, too, which will help you prepare, plan and pack for your trip. The real cultural and job-appropriate training starts right alongside the long-term missionaries, when you arrive!

How long does the Custom Internship application process usually take?

  • Placing you in an internship is a customized process, taking into account what you want and need, as well as what the overseas team wants and needs. This, along with the support-raising process, usually takes several months. We recommend you complete the Internship Request form at least 5-6 months before the date you want to leave for your trip.

Are the Custom Internships paid positions?

  • None of our International Internships are paid positions. Some of our Marketplace/Business Internships might include a stipend to offset some of the costs.

    OM is a faith-based agency, meaning that we live and serve through the giving of others. Raising support through OM USA to cover the cost of your internship is an incredible blessing as you see God work through others to supply your needs. You also have the option of covering the cost of your internship yourself if you have the funds.

    Each OM team has personalized budgets based on cost of living within that country. Our staff works with the leaders on the team where you’re going to establish a personalized budget for you, providing a moderate standard of living and any training expenses. Costs do not include travel expenses, emergency medical insurance, passport or visa costs. However you can raise funds to also cover these costs, and if you do, receive a reimbursement check when you submit receipts for these items.

How do I raise funds for my Custom Internship?

  • Most people fund their trip through their network of family, friends and churches. Once you are accepted, we’ll supply you with the tools you need to present your trip to these people, asking them to pray about helping to send you.

    Those who donate to OM to help cover the costs of your internship receive a tax receipt for a charitable donation.

What requirements are there to apply for a Custom Internship?

  • OM is comprised of people from many national, ethnic and denominational backgrounds. We are looking for faithful – not perfect – followers of Jesus who desire to join with others in reaching the unreached around the world.
    Those wanting to do a Custom Internship should:

  1. Be a follower of Jesus for at least 1 year

  2. Have a growing relationship with Jesus

  3. Be actively involved in a local church

  4. Agree with OM’s Docrinal Statement

  5. Be at least 18 years old, or turning 18 within 6 months of completing the application

  6. Be living in freedom from alcohol and/or drug addiction for at least 1 year and free from tobacco use for at least 6 months