Assisting Primary School Teachers at Lake Tanganyika

Job Overview:

The second deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika is home to over 10million people in 4 different countries. In the Zambian part, the livelihood is fishing, and very few children have the opportunity to go to school. OM works in 3 schools around the lake. The main school in Mpulungu is a grade 0 - 6 school. Many of the students who attend this school are orphans or come from vulnerable homes and communities. Share the rich training you have experienced in the US with teachers with limited training opportunities, helping them to grow in their skills while blessing their students. Experience life on the lake and take a boat ride to one of the village schools. Be a part of the school week there, encouraging and helping the teachers as they run the preschool program.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Teaching with Zambian teachers in the community school in Mpulungu (Grade 0-6).

  • Visiting and helping in preschools in villages along the lake (1-week trips).

  • Planning and preparing teaching materials

  • Assisting in the planning and running of professional development training with the local teachers.

  • Weekday mornings: teaching in the schools. Weekday afternoons: planning, preparation, administrative responsibilities, after school clubs with children (3x per week).

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Passion for children

  • Training in educational practices

Additional Info:

  • All interns must formally accept and abide by OM USA’s Statement of Faith for the duration of the internship.

  • International internships are not paid positions and all financial needs should be covered with personal support.

  • Pre-Field training happens through on-line materials and Skype sessions with coaches and other interns for a few weeks leading up departure date. Includes debriefing with coaches on return.

  • Dates and duration of internships are flexible, should be worked out with the team.

  • Homestay with a national is possible for weekends at a time but no longer than a few days.

  • The village schools are in a very rural setting (between 3-7hours travel by boat) in which electricity and running water is not available. Phone network is also limited. There are wells nearby but water needs to be treated, and the only charging options are through power banks that you bring yourself for these short trips.

Qualifications of on-field supervisor:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Primary/Secondary)

  • Specialization in Mathematics and Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults (CELTA)

  • Experience: Nursery & preschool teaching for 5 years

  • Teacher in a UK public school system for 2 years, Australian School system for 2 years

  • Teacher Training Coach and Mentor for 4 years in Zambia


  • Degree Credit available upon the approval of your university/college supervisors.