Operation Mobilization

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OM Internships

We are an incubator of people and ideas, propelling individuals and OM further, faster.

The OM internship program exist to provide individuals opportunity to develop and grow their skills in professional setting at our US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, or in one of our field locations or companies around the world. Our interns do no make coffee; they are given the opportunity to hone their skills in the dynamic context of an international non-profit while being a part of the greater calling to impact the world in Jesus’ Name.

If you’re curious about how it works to apply for an internship in the USA or overseas, we understand. It’s a big decision to think about spending 6 weeks to 6 months or more serving whether in the US or abroad. Check our process, or see if we’ve got you covered in our FAQs.

As a part of every International OM internship experience, you will be asked to participate in a training program prior to departure. This program is a great opportunity to participate in a virtual community with fellow OM interns, and to receive training in some of the fundamental aspects of missions from an OM staff coach.  It is our desire that you would feel cared for and equipped both before departure and throughout your OM internship, and that this training time will be a valuable opportunity for both field preparation and spiritual growth

If you browse through our options and you just can’t find a fit, there is an option to find you a customized internship. To find out about custom internships check out our Custom Internship FAQs. Or, if you already know what you are looking for, you can jump straight to the Custom Internship Request Form, to begin the process of hand-crafting an internship just for you.



About Operation Mobilization (OM)

For over 50 years, Operation Mobilization has been working around the world with local churches to form deep relationships, extend compassion, and start spiritual conversations while living alongside the people to whom we minister. When this happens, we see communities transformed as Jesus takes a hold of the hearts and lives of the people we encounter.

We are a movement of 6,800 people who don’t fit a mold, who don’t sit still, and who love the adventure of serving Jesus. We live in remote corners and city-centers. We feed the hungry and heal the sick.

We are Missionaries.